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Charlotte Chanter

Gratiana Chanter’s novel Trebetherick, a tale of shipwrecks, wreckers, hidden treasure, abducted maidens, murder, and other evil doings, was first published in 1913 by Francesco Giannini & Figli of Naples. The story is told from the perspective of David Rounsevall of Trebetherick in the Parish of St. Enodoc, Cornwall, and begins the night he first hears ghostly Tregeagle howl during a ferocious storm. This edition includes a detailed biographical essay by Gina R. Collia, ‘Gratiana Chanter: A Typical Daughter of Devon’.

Published: 4 May 2024. 
ISBN-13: 978-1-7393921-9-2.  
Hardback with dust jacket, 22.86mm x 15.24cm (6" x 9"), 210 pages. 
Price: £25.00  
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‘The whole story is filled with the authentic atmosphere of the West country. It is not only that the “local colour” is plentiful and vivid; all the rest is in keeping. None but a West-country woman could have written it. And one cannot but feel that if her story is to enjoy its deserts it will have to become a classic of the Cornish book-stalls.’ Birmingham Daily Post, 20 May 1914.
Full dust jacket for the new Nezu Press edition

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