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A Seventh Child

A Little About Us...

We produce attractive hardback editions, focusing predominantly on works by forgotten or neglected female writers who were active during the Victorian era and up to 1950. Each of our books includes a long, informative introductory essay about its author.

So, why did we begin publishing supernatural/weird fiction? Well, we spent years reading weird titles that nobody else appeared to have read, by authors nobody seemed to remember, and making the same statements over and over again—that this or that book deserved a wider audience, and that it was such a shame that so many authors had been entirely forgotten.

Of course, readers can't read what isn't available to them; we'd spent years rummaging around secondhand bookstores and picking up obscure titles, and our shelves were full of them, but many of the books we'd bought had become so rare over time that it was difficult to find a single copy for sale (or, if copies were available, they were incredibly expensive). So, after all those years of asking "why hasn't anyone republished this?" we decided to do it ourselves.

In spring 2023, we were extremely proud and excited to publish our first supernatural title, F. M. Mayor's The Room Opposite; it was the first new edition of this collection of short stories to appear since its original publication in 1935.

It is our hope that, with the publication of these new editions, these neglected classics will become as dear to you as they are to us.

PS—All of our books are produced by human beings. The original texts are typed up, checked, formatted, and so on, by a living, breathing human. A spell-checker (which is never trusted), which is part of the word-processing program used, is as technologically advanced as things get. 

The Room Opposite By F. M. Mayor photo

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