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The Devil Snar'd book cover
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The Devil Snar'd
George R. Preedy

George R. Preedy is one of the pen names of Margaret Gabrielle Vere Campbell, the writer best known as Marjorie Bowen. First published in 1932, The Devil Snar’d is an eerie tale of supernatural influence; it was described by the Daily Herald as a ‘ghost story fit to stand beside The Turn of the Screw.’ Grace Fielding and her unfaithful husband, Philip, have taken Medlar's Farm, in a remote spot in Northumberland, to get away from London and repair their broken marriage. Philip, a well-known author, intends to use the dark history of Medlar’s Farm—a tale of adultery, jealousy and murder—to write his next book, but Grace, already unwell due to the strain caused by her husband's affair, begins to see parallels between her own story and that of the murdered woman, who she believes is guiding her actions. As Philip works on his manuscript, his behaviour becomes more and more suspicious, and as Grace’s mental state deteriorates, a tale of adultery and marital discord soon becomes one of jealousy, obsession and murderous revenge. This edition includes an introduction by Gina R. Collia: 'The Many Masks of Margaret Campbell'.

Published: 1 April 2023. 
ISBN-13: 978-1-7393921-1-6.  
Case laminate hardback, 22.86mm x 15.24cm (6" x 9"), 164 pages. 
Price: £17.00

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‘I have used many names for business purposes, but they were none of them of my choosing and seemed rather to be fastened on me like a series of masks.’ - Margaret Campbell,  Myself When Young: By Famous Women of Today, 1938.

Best known as Marjorie Bowen, Margaret Gabrielle Vere Campbell wrote under several other names: Joseph Shearing, Robert Paye, John Winch and George R. Preedy, the latter being used for the present title.
The Devil Snar'd full cover
Full cover of the new Nezu Press edition

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