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Gratiana Chanter’s novella The Witch of Withyford: A Story of Exmoor, containing her own illustrations, was first published by J. M. Dent & Co. in May 1896. In it, Nance Darvel, a gruesome woman who lives in a hovel, is intent on punishing a slight by destroying the life of the local squire. It is an uncanny tale of witchcraft, superstition, child-theft and revenge, set in Gratiana’s beloved Devonshire and told by an elderly servant of Withyford Grange. This current edition includes three other tales: ‘The Appledore Boy’, ‘The Shadowy Hillside’, and ‘The Forty Thieves of Exmoor’. It also includes all of the author’s illustrations for the first edition and a detailed biographical essay by Gina R. Collia, ‘Gratiana Chanter: A Typical Daughter of Devon’.


This book is available for pre-order. Publication 4 May 2024.

The Witch of Withyford and Other Stories by Gratiana Chanter

  • Published: 4 May 2024. 
    ISBN-13: 978-1-7393921-8-5.  
    Case laminate hardback, 22.86mm x 15.24cm (6" x 9"), 170 pages. 
    Price: £17.50  

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